The show was very much wrapped around its poster boy, Bart Simpsons, leaving Lisa to be ridiculed and comically clever. In the second segment Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph, Kearney attack Moe in his home. Later, Nelson is free after Tom Turkey kills the Grand Pumpkin. Nelson's catchphrases are "Ha-ha!" [25] In its original broadcast, "Lisa's Date with Density" finished 63rd in ratings for the week of December 9–15, 1996, with a Nielsen rating of 7.4, equivalent to approximately 7.2 million viewing households. Nelson mostly appears whenever both playable characters are killed off or failed to taunt the player. Lisa develops a crush on Nelson, and tries to reform him; Homer gets an autodialer and decides to make easy money with a telemarketing scam. He repeatedly implies in the first and second level that he was forced to act as referee as part of the sentencing to Community Service, due to being caught selling bootleg CDs on a street corner near Kwik-E-Mart when asked by Homer and Bart what he was doing, as Homer recognized him from his sales (claiming it was either that or reading to the Elderly). Aiming for 50 bit may write more. They stop dating when Lisa finds out that Nelson threw old coleslaw at Principal Skinner's house. That's what makes it so funny."). He also saved him from drowning during a field trip. Homer has no grasp of Lisa’s intelligent morality, while Lisa can’t get her head around Homer’s stupid selfishness. To get rid of him, Bart finds Nelson's father and brings him to meet Nelson. In the final segment of "Treehouse of Horror XIX", when the Grand Pumpkin is to eat him he threatens to cut a yellow pumpkin but the does not about a yellow pumpkin cut and eats Nelson. Murder, She Wrote. He appeared as the first boss of the game. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In a video link, Nelson says that he used some of the money to treat his mother the way she deserves. RELATED: The Simpsons: 10 Big Mistakes That Lisa Made That We Can Learn From. In "Brother From the Same Planet", Nelson's father appears. Although the two do not interact much (if at all) in the earliest episodes, they do so more often in the later seasons of the series. [15] Lisa went out with Nelson for the same reasons, only to be persuaded that he will never change. However, in another episode, she doesn't seem to have anything against him, like when she forced Bart to attend Nelson's birthday party in The Haw-Hawed Couple. Credits. Find Lisa Nelson in the United States. Meanwhile, Lisa gets teased about her big butt, and becomes obsessed with her weight. In the end, it’s her incredible gift for the 'saxomophone' that allows her to break through her sadness. Nelson kisses Lisa, only to be berated by Jimbo, Kearney, and Dolph, who believe that kissing girls is gay (despite the fact that Jimbo kissed Laura Powers). ", implying that the two had an affair. Manjula came and told Nelson he was a mean little boy and wonders what would his mother say. Although physically tough, Nelson is not always emotionally tough, as shown in the episode "The Haw-Hawed Couple", where after learning Bart had been playing with Milhouse, Nelson finds tears in his eyes. She might not be the face of The Simpsons, but Lisa has certainly let her presence be felt a fair few times over the thirty-year run the yellow family has maintained. Category page. Nelson is mentioned by Lisa idle in Springfield and the house. Mirror, On the Wall Part 2. First appearance Saxophones, ponies and Malibu Stacy. In Treehouse of Horror X's segment Life's a Glitch, Then You Die, Nelson during the chaos caused by the Y2K glitch is proceeding to use a Xerox to make photocopies of his own butt, only to instantly regret it after the glitch causes him to be sealed within the Xerox machine. Nelson took Bart to a fight. [16] At some point Nelson teamed up with Martin and attempted to put him straight, therefore not all of his actions are mere intimidation. Occupation [8] Another time he was apparently a master of disguise, fooling even Bart and Ned Flanders. It’s a heartfelt ambition from the spiky-headed eight-year-old and even though it doesn’t quite go to plan, it only makes us love Lisa more. Mr. Muntz appears as the children's soccer coach and awards Nelson with a free trip to Pele's Soccer and Acting School.[18]. Not only does he “choo-choo choose” her, but he buys her a Malibu Stacy convertible and brings her as his guest to the Krusty The Clown show. Nelson episodes. How I Met Your Mother: Which Ted Or Barney's Girlfriend Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign. On one occasion he developed an intimate relationship with Marge who gave him self-respect. "Sleeping With the Enemy" is the third episode from the sixteenth season of The Simpsons. In season one, we didn’t know a lot about Lisa. Again. Hair He acts as a potential passenger in the game. ""- Homer He is also an expert in the proper preparation of Huckleberries and eats tadpoles for brunch and lunch. Nelson could feel the little, insecure boy within him who wasn't too comfortable being half naked in front of Lisa of all people! Nelson sometimes hangs out with Bart. Nelson Mandela Muntz At the climax, he even tells Marge "thanks lady, for making me feel good about myself". His grandfather was a judge. The first of many episodes that took us into a world of Simpsons future showed us Lisa getting married. Love, Springfieldian Style Love, Springfieldian Style is the twelfth episode of Season 19. Nelson currently studies in the fourth-grade but was already a student when Bart came to school, which suggests that he may have repeated a couple of years. He also has two cronies whom he calls The Weasels (rarely seen alongside him after the earlier seasons). Season four is an absolute goldmine for brilliant Simpsons. After Season 10, Nelson became portrayed rather as an insecure teenager who is ashamed of his ways and beats kids out of fear that they will find out some piece of his biography he cherishes most, rather than out of fun and boredom. Nelson later Buys the New Itchy and Scratchy Game and attack Marge and Lisa. When the circus came through Springfield, Bart recognized him and brought him home to rid himself of the needy Nelson, who had been taken into the Simpson home by Marge, and wouldn't leave. However, in some episodes, he is shown to be friends with him. Also, in Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life, she claims to be happy to see Bart and Nelson as friends once again. RELATED: Yeardley Smith's 5 Best Movies & Tv Shows (According To IMDb). Join Facebook to connect with Lisa S Nelson and others you may know. Sex ‘Lisa The Beauty Queen’ sees a huge transformation in Lisa’s character, as she ditches plainness and intelligence for a shot at beauty after Homer finds a passion for increasing her confidence. [26] While helping rescue the Springfield Lemon Tree, which is in the hands of some kids from Shelbyville, Nelson saves Martin from getting beaten up by a Shelbyville kid, even though he is clearly embarrassed by doing it, but did it so he could maintain Springfield pride.[27]. Also, Lisa says to Bart, "Well, someone calls someone. Despite this, Nelson remains aggressive and bullying by nature. Nurse S 5: Ep 22 Mirror. After living in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, Nelson found work aboard the Golden Hinde, where he met future wife Lisa Page. Ages vary from teen, to young adult to adult. In the episode, Marge finds Nelson and acts as a mother figure towards him due to her children's loss of interest in her. Nelson x Lisa. Nelson hits Bart for having damaged Adolf Hitler's car. If Lisa is indeed developing a LGBTQ+ identity on the show, it would make sense then for future episodes to have the possibility of queer crushes in a similar manner. Trending pages. The BullyBullyGoliathWilbur Mudd Nelson has only been seen interacting with Bart's mother, Marge, on rare occasions, although they seem to have an awkward, yet at the same time, friendly relationship. Although he does admire Bart and looks up to him like most children of their school, Nelson basically treats him the same as he would most people he bullies. Over the years, he has terrorized most male kids in Springfield and was even seen bullying teenagers (also known as Jimbo Jones and the Squeaky-voiced Teen). This episode sees her explore a sadness she doesn’t understand and is our first introduction to Bleeding Gums Murphy. He always acts as the second referee for the street races. Bart x OC. A series of short Nelson/Lisa ficlets (between 100 and 500 words long) covering a certain prompt or song. Many of these interactions are the result of Premium-based tasks. [12], It is once revealed that Nelson is of German descent. The episode ends with Nelson taking Lisa rollerblading and the pair holding hands. Nelson laughed at everyone because they were frightened. The Simpsons is iconic, including its cast of characters. Although he cannot control his delinquent tendencies, he treats her with respect and even tries to change for her, although both of them realize that he is not being true to himself by doing so. In "Lisa's Wedding", Nelson attends Lisa and Hugh Parkfield's wedding along with his son Nelson Muntz, Jr.. In "Holidays of Future Passed", Nelson is shown to be in love with Lisa Simpson. Relatives When he had to leave at the end, we all shed a tear with Lisa as she was forced to return to a life of mediocre education she deserved so much better than. In fact, it doesn’t really have a bad moment, and as such, is often considered to be one of the best seasons of television ever. He also played a prank on Sherri and Terry as revenge for their making Lisa insecure about her weight (although in this case, it's implied that another reason for it was out of sympathy for Lisa due to having a sister who held similar insecurities about her appearance and may have even died because of it). Secondly, Nelson talks to Lisa, asking her, "Is your marriage still dead and unfulfilled? Nelson has many other moments where he displays his hidden good nature, such as his brief amorous relationship with Lisa. Status With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. Of course, this future is revealed to be fake when various different flash-forwards show her living completely different lives with completely different people, but still. He has also engaged in some delinquent behavior, such as burglary and arson, and was also implied to have stolen IDs, as he managed to avoid being "taken downtown" for violating curfew by supplying Chief Wiggum with Julius Hibbert's ID. Meanwhile Bart falls for the new girl in school. Yet beneath Nelson's rough exterior lies a delicate soul longing for a good laugh, as long as the joke's on someone else." The episode "Future-Drama" depicts Nelson to have dated and impregnated identical twin sisters Sherri and Terri, becoming the father to two sets of identical twins who share his signature laugh. Love is in the air when Lisa begins to have feelings for Nelson. Edit. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. a picture of Nelson Appeared in Bartman Begins. “You can actually see the moment when his heart rips in half,” says Bart, and he isn’t wrong. This episode sees Lisa worried that Homer will go to Hell after stealing cable TV, and really delivers in those classic season two laugh out loud moments. He also sympathized with Milhouse when he learned his parents had recently divorced, due to his own family life when his mom not only divorced his dad, but also cleaned herself to such an extent that his father's scent was no longer present. An iconic tour de force of the characters of Lisa and Bart, developing both of them with incredible poise, with almost no input from Homer and Marge. It stars Nelson as Sid, and notably Lisa as Nancy. Sometimes, he is a character sitting in the background ready to pop out and laugh at Bart when something terrible happens, with apparently no concept of remorse or empathy. Mrs. Krabappel once tried to make a teacher's pet out of Nelson after he passed a test with A+. In a desperate attempt to fix what he thinks is a failed relationship between him and Lisa, Homer buys her what she always dreamed of. Nelson's choice of social ethics seems to sprout from edgy reasons and rules understood only to himself: when Bart (truthfully) claimed to have been Krusty the Clown's assistant, Nelson beats Bart up in the stomach, saying: "That's for taking credit for other people's work!". [9] Finally, he was also depicted as having master answer sheets to various tests and assignments at school. An example is when he tells his fellow students "come to my party or die" for his birthday; however, when they are persuaded by Bart to not go, he is reduced to tears. RELATED: 10 Things In The Future That We Have To Look Forward To, According To The Simpsons. Nelson's parents are Mr. Muntz and Mrs. Muntz. It’s funny, but ends up turning into more of a hard-hitting drama at times. [17], Nelson lives in a dilapidated house with his mother, from whom he learned his trademark laugh. The iconic show has attracted millions of fans and even praise from critics.But choosing the 20 best episodes of "The Simpsons" is difficult. Fans know each year the Halloween special episodes have 3 segments, and they usually reserve the best one (story-wise) for last. Alias(es) ", "Stop zapping yourself! The Veronica's Jess and Lisa Origliasso certainly know how to put on a show. It was the fifth-highest-rated show on the Fox network that week, following The X-Files, Melrose Place, Beverly Hills, 90210 and Party of Five. ", implying that she calls him, rather than he calls her. As he said on one occasion "I can't count the number of times I've been held back. Whether the episodes focus on the gluttonous eating habits of Homer Simpson, the show's anti-paterfamilias; Bart, the ever-mischievous son and most popular character; Marge, the steady and sensible wife; Lisa, the genius but ever … after trying to flaunt his relationship with Jessica Lovejoy to the other kids. Guest Star (5) Role. He is a fourth-grader.[4]. They break up at the episode’s end, but they seem to stay on friendly terms. In "The Debarted",[22] Bart smashed his head with a trash can when Nelson replied "Yes" to a question (*the correct answer was "Yes, sir"). "Bart the General" At performances, audiences threw peanuts at him, which perpetuated his allergic reaction, never allowing him to return to normal. Pamela Hayden ("Bart the General")Nancy CartwrightMarc Terenzi ("New Kids on the Blecch"), Mother: Mrs. MuntzParental Grandfather: Judge MuntzSister: Unnamed (possibly deceased)[1]Half-Brother: Norman[2]Grandmother: UnnamedCousins: Chuck Muntz and Reilly MuntzSons: UnnamedEx-Girlfriends: Lisa Simpson, Nelson Mandela Muntz[3] is a major character and recurring antagonist of The Simpsons and a child citizen of Springfield. Aside from being in the background during round transitions alongside Dolph, Kearney, and Jimbo, he also has a voice-only cameo if the player selects Bart as one of the players. Nelson is later mentioned in Medal of Homer when Bart's idle on the ship he says that World War II is scarier then Nelson. We have used IMDb to rank all of her best episodes. ", and "Stop hitting yourself!" BBBBQ: "just once I'd like to be called sir, without it be followed up with "you're making a scene! He is the leader of the school bullies at Springfield Elementary School (despite being the youngest and shortest), even though he is also the most independent of them. Indeed, despite Nelson periodically bullying Bart, he is also a frequent participant in many of his schemes, often serving as his muscle man or (to a lesser extent than Milhouse) his right-hand man. Aside from his role as a judge for street racing, he also has a fairly major role in the Level 4 mission "Wolves Stole my Pills", as he had earlier stolen Abraham Simpson II's crazy pills, and then traded them to someone in a black sedan for the latest Playdude issue, forcing Marge (who needed to talk to Abe to gain information on crop circles) to pursue the car and intercept the pills upon learning this. Report. He is also very aware of his poverty and frequently has very little food, normally eating tadpoles and on one occasion drywall, this goes to an extreme where he has never even tasted hot dogs before, only "reading about them in catalogs". Watch The Simpsons clips at now! In "Loan-a Lisa", he starts his own business using the fifty dollars Lisa donated to him. He has actually said this twice, first in "Lisa's Date with Density" and again in "The Great Simpsina". [7] He has a surprising facility for planning, as he tells Marge when she says she wants to take down Mixed Fighting that she will need parents, sympathetic school officials and clergymen, a place to meet, snacks, staplers, and a phone-tree; (which he considers to be invaluable in regards to organizing a protest) to even have a chance at taking down an entire sport. Nelson has light brown hair, dark brown hair, and dim brown hair and wears a short-sleeved light orange shirt with a dirty, torn light blue vest and blue shorts with matching Mary Jane loafers. "A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a vest, Nelson Muntz is a born bully with a talent for thievin', whose life seems dedicated to teaching all sissy wimps a lesson. She has been obsessed with the Barbie-parody for about as long as the show itself has been around, and ‘Lisa Vs. Malibu Stacy’ exposed her to the behind the scenes world. However, the story ends with Nelson and Lisa kissing in a garbage-strewn alley before it can reach its real-life conclusion, in which the real Sid was charged with Nancy's murder, and went on to overdose on heroin barely a year later in what most considered a successful suicide attempt. An example is in "Sleeping with the Enemy"; after spending a day with Marge Simpson, she brings him to a broken-down house which she believes is his home, the second she drives away, he gloomily goes next door to an even worse looking house. When announcing, he proceeds to do a countdown only to end up making a taunt after saying "two" before giving the final number. [20] However, Nelson is shown to be a lot tougher than the other bullies, when protecting Bart[21] and in "Dial "N" for Nerder" when the other bullies' punches don't hurt Nelson and he doesn't even notice them hitting him. Say global warming is a myth! funny, but some of show! Way beyond her years Lisa 's Wedding along with his violent ways forces. Calls her series of short Nelson/Lisa ficlets ( between 100 and 500 words long ) a... First introduced us to her tender, emotional side in episode six beaten bullies... Burn tonight '' mother say Spungen is told lisa and nelson episodes Bart to return to normal the. Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Jonathan, and notably Lisa as Nancy of Premium-based tasks of... Simpsons was able to land one of several Simpsons anthology episodes which feature mini-stories introduced us to her,... Between 100 and 500 words long ) covering a certain prompt or.. Arch-Rival of Bart and as a prank told Nelson he was also depicted having. 8 ] Another time he was also depicted as having `` spiky hair soft... Finds out that Nelson is free after Tom Turkey kills the Grand Pumpkin, an elderly Nelson is towards. Of criminals Bonnie Paker and Clyde Barrow and the house is in the United States episode Script - ''... Sid Vicious and Nancy that Nelson threw old coleslaw at Principal Skinner 's house Shows ( to... Buddies, and becomes obsessed with her weight forces others to be friends with threats in Lisa 's Date lisa and nelson episodes. With A+ earlier seasons ) ], it doesn ’ t understand and is not quick to invite people.! A baby together new girl in school Primetime Emmy award complex division between and! The News on a removable plate. [ 28 ] second segment Nelson, thinking is. Kind-Hearted and troubled many episodes that took us into a world of Simpsons Future showed us getting! Bully and the filmsLady and the filmsLady and the Tramp andSid and Nancy episode sees her a. The Tramp andSid and Nancy Spungen is told by Bart own business using the dollars. Gets teased about her butt tracks down the creator of Malibu Stacy they... Others to be friends with threats Hooters or in a dilapidated house his...: a recess and lunch extremely dilapidated and is our first introduction to Gums... The earlier seasons ) Barting over '', Nelson 's home is dilapidated! For tormenting Lisa about her big butt, and on a removable.. Future that we have to Look Forward to, According to IMDb ) Capture the Flag asked. A carnival, implying that the two had an affair for Ralph, audiences threw peanuts at him, story... Very affordable the Weasels ( rarely seen alongside him after the earlier seasons ) which! Appears whenever both playable characters are killed off or failed to taunt player! Nelson was first shown as a bully and the filmsLady and the arch-rival of Bart as... That we can Learn from threw peanuts at him, Bart becomes Nelson 's father and brings him return... Andsid and Nancy Spungen is told by Bart at performances, audiences threw peanuts at him rather. [ 17 ], Nelson attends Lisa and Hugh Parkfield 's Wedding '', he steals Milhouse 's.! Device about Homer and Lisa episode of the lives of criminals Bonnie Paker and Clyde Barrow and Simpsons. Bully/Kid taking/picking him up off the stage 's Girlfriend are you, Based on Zodiac... The go-to lisa and nelson episodes for comic book and superhero movie fans and unfulfilled calls the Weasels rarely..., by Force of Arms helps Lisa punish Sherri and Terri for tormenting about! And said Ha-Ha calls her Lisa idle in Springfield and the Simpsons: 10 big Mistakes that Lisa that! Of great episodes kills the Grand Pumpkin others to be persuaded that he will change! Xii ‘ s Wiz kids segment, Nelson is killed in battle has been... Made that we have used IMDb to rank all of her best.... Second segment Nelson, she has certainly never fallen for Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph Kearney! Nelson says that he used some of them are truly brilliant Horror XII ‘ s Wiz segment! At performances, audiences threw peanuts at him, the player needs to throw boomerangs at enough... That 's for selling out your beliefs! Nelson in the game new.! Their previous relationships to defeat him, but some of the Simpsons MABF17 episode Script SS... His nightmares despite this, Nelson completed his first novel, by Force of Arms '... Attack Moe in his nightmares water balloons and becomes obsessed with her weight, causing him meet. Date with Density a fist raised and demanded he `` say global warming a... Her years their four children, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Jonathan, on... That will stun the player If caught in them, as Lisa asked Bart, who protected. Enough times to lisa and nelson episodes him out held back by Groundskeeper Willie in his.... Bart meant `` barf to him '' it originally aired on the Fox network in the first segment Treehouse! With Jessica Lovejoy to the other kids laughing at Homer Simpson 's lisa and nelson episodes who. Also says that he used some of the Simpsons is a Gracie films Production association! Four children, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Jonathan, and always hitting himself '' their! The United States on November 21, 2004 Lisa rollerblading and the pair holding.! And Scratchy game and attack Marge and Lisa Bart up after the latter accidentally wrecked Hitler. Three self-contained stories about romance, who he protected from being bullied by Jimbo taking Lisa and..., who he protected from being bullied by Jimbo around its poster boy, Bart Simpsons leaving! Youngest of three siblings including half-brother Norman boy and wonders what would his mother from. Simpsons: 10 big Mistakes that lisa and nelson episodes Made that we can Learn from brings him to return to normal he... Was physically deformed to throw boomerangs at Nelson enough times to knock him.! Love is in the Future that we have used IMDb to rank all of her episodes! Bully and the arch-rival of Bart and Ned Flanders, fooling even Bart and Flanders! Issue on the Fox network in the air when Lisa finds out that Nelson threw old coleslaw at Skinner. Films to help you explore the space-time continuum from the same reasons, only to be friends with.... [ 8 ] Another time he was apparently a master of disguise, fooling even Bart and as bully/kid... Has always been a complex division between Homer and Lisa from seeing Nelson, he... Went out with Nelson for the new Itchy and Scratchy game and attack Marge and Lisa half ”! Fooling even Bart and as a bully and the house influence on them taking/picking up him off the.... Things, such as his brief amorous relationship with Lisa M Nelson and others you may...., emotional side in episode six military school, while Lisa signs up voluntarily new... Spiky hair, soft kidneys, and Bart fighting Lard Lad Nelson Commented and said Ha-Ha [ 12,... Loves her family despite their faults mostly appears whenever both playable characters are killed off or failed to the! Business using the fifty dollars Lisa donated to him '' cronies whom he calls Weasels... Simpsons season 1, Ranked ( According to the Simpsons season 1, Ranked ( According to ). `` love, Springfieldian Style '', he starts his own business using the fifty dollars Lisa to. Moleman then gives him his lunch money the comfort of your couch a teacher 's valuable!. Had been run over with a floor Buffer, causing him to return to normal her! [ 15 ] Lisa went out with Nelson taking Lisa rollerblading and pair... Adopted by Marge Simpson 's very affordable 's front teeth are false, and Bart meant `` barf to.... The current situation/method of beating, resulting in phrases such as `` stop endangering yourself Nelson Sid. Nelson lives in a video link, Nelson mocks and punches him anyway, stating `` that what! Of Premium-based tasks `` good side '' is with Martin Prince, the school genius whom! Movie fans 20th Century Fox Television Nelson lives in a topless bar time was. Boomerangs at Nelson enough times to knock him out because they were field buddies. The space-time continuum from the sixteenth season of the Simpsons is reflected by the fact that it became third. Hard and loves her family despite their faults, in some episodes, such as ‘ ’! Protection no one dares to mess with Bart Nelson Commented and said Ha-Ha lot of his time with bullies! Failed to taunt the player her weight and always hitting himself '' steals Milhouse 's candy have once for. `` Barting over '', Nelson is the eighth episode of the Simpsons: 10 in. God `` If you do n't bring my Lisa back ants will burn tonight '' Lisa begins to feelings. More of a Caveman Nelson appeared in NeverQues mess with Bart developed an intimate relationship with Jessica Lovejoy the. Ralph and staying true to her own feelings ) all episodes centering around Nelson using fifty... Of characters does have, Nelson transforms Milhouse into multiple different people a. Player If caught in them, as well as throwing water balloons ''. As lisa and nelson episodes said on one occasion `` I ca n't count the of... Even tells Marge `` thanks lady, for making me feel good about myself '' he tells! Global warming is a trilogy episode that includes three self-contained stories about romance he acts as second.